• IMG_0461 comp
    View from Mount Klouto, Togo. © Elise Belle
  • Chari river resized
    Chari River, N'Djamena, Chad. © Elise Belle
  • Western-Area-Peninsula-Forest-Sierra-Leone(small)
    Western Area Peninsula Forest, Sierra Leone. © Elise Belle
  • Niumi-National-Park-The-Gambia(small)
    Niumi National Park, The Gambia. © Elise Belle
  • Niger-River-Mali(small)
    Niger River, Bamako, Mali. © Elise Belle

Welcome to the Protected Areas Resilient to Climate Change, PARCC West Africa, project website!

PARCC West Africa, officially known as ‘Evolution of Protected Area Systems with Regard to Climate Change in the West Africa Region’ is a full-size GEF project focusing on the issues of climate change and protected areas. It is being managed by UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), which has developed the project proposal and secured co-financing.

The implementation of the project started at the end of 2010 and will run until 2015. The total budget is USD 15.6m, which consists of USD 3.5m of GEF funding, and partner co-financing of USD 12.1m. The geographic scope of the project covers 5 core countries in West Africa: Chad, Gambia, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Togo. An additional 3 countries will also be involved in activities relating to transboundary conservation (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana).

The project represents a significant body of work to be undertaken across a wide geographic area. There are potentially huge benefits to the whole West Africa region from using the strategies and tools which will be developed to increase the resilience of protected areas to climate change. To achieve these aims, the project will require significant support from all its local, regional, and international partners.

We encourage you to explore the site to find out more about the project and find relevant documents on the data portal.

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